Sunday, February 23, 2014

my reflection


How time flies it’s just like it’s only yesterday when I first wrote my 1st quarter reflection and few weeks from now I will be graduating.

I remember our adviser Mr. Joseph Obrero once said “ during the 4th grading period , time flies so fast and you will not notice it” and it’s true now that we will leave this school I will now write my 4th quarter reflection.

This last quarter I can’t deny the fact that there are lots of things happened in my student life. Hectic schedule, brain draining quizzes and reviews for those lign up  of exams. And the weird thing is when this 4th grading quarter started it is also the start when we try to reminisce all those memories that we happened to share within our secondary life and it is indeed funny, because as we share are thoughts we can’t stop laughing on our selves for those silly things that we had made. And  who could ever ignore the faces and reactions of our teachers every time we made them mad because of our naughtiness.,,but I admit that we are very sorry for all bad attitudes that we made. And now that we are graduating , it’s high time now for us to enjoy the rest of our high school life, give thanks to our dear teachers who is always persistent in providing us the gift of knowledge that is very essential for our future.

So now, so long to every one. It’s not yet goodbye because it is just only the begging. Another level of education awaits us and we must continue on what we have started.

my dream, my future

My Dream, My Future !
“ It’s free to dream “ a quote that is indeed very popular to all of us.
We have that what we call “dream” that pushes us to achieve our goals in life. As we continue our journey I know that there are things that we wanted to experience in the near future.
And as an ordinary person, I dream to be a teacher someday not just because I want to teach but because I can see myself wearing a formal uniform handling my lesson plans and my books ready to teach my students also for their future.

I know it’s not easy to achieve that kind of a dream because as I step in to the nest door of my journey I know that there will be lots of challenges and obstacles needed to pass through. But as I stand firm with my dreams and ambitions in life nothing is impossible. For as long as God in within me, my family beside me and my dear teachers to guide my I know I can do it. I can do it, I can reach my dream.

change; it start with me

Change: It Start with Me!

Since, I am already 16 of age, I am aware of the many changes that happened to me, to the people around me and the environment where I belong.
They say that “there’s no constant thing in this world than change”. This is absolutely true and factual. From a na├»ve and innocent kid, my transformation into a wholesome teenager is awesome. Although we are now in a modern world where technology reigns, it was still good to look back and reminisce things and moments from the past. I remember when my Lola and Mama used to tell stories about their past lives. Where they normally do their daily routine without the help of any technology. A very significant yet simple kind of living, and afterwards find myself completely amazed and wondering.
We are now in a very modern and upgraded kind of living due to the wide spreading effect of science and technology. The whole world is now experiencing the hazardous effect of climate change due to the untoward usage and treatment of our natural resources. The devastated ozone layer of the earth was believed to be caused of calamities and disasters that occurred in different countries.
Changes also happened in our government where politicians and cabinet member’s blame each other for corruption and abuse of authority that will eventually end up in resignation or replacement. Change can either be helpful nor destructive in one’s life. If a person thinks that he/she isn’t comfortable and good enough for whatever he/she right now, then it is high time for that person to go for a change, whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritual aspects of life.
As for who I am right now, I am open into the idea of changing,.. change to improve my personality as a person. Changing to involve myself to more community services and development and changing to become more family oriented and spiritual affiliation.

All things can be possible, for as long as I will do my part to initiate the changes that I want to happen in  my life.



Different people, different places and different events happens every year in our country. And one of these is the celebration of various festivals.
As for us Ilocano’s, particularly here in Ilocos Sur, we usually celebrate “Kannawidan” which literaly means “culture of tradition” in Ilocano. It is a whole week celebration that took place at the Quirino Stadium here in Vigan City. It is the event to bring out the best amongst Ilocano’s, it’s culture and traditions, native crafts, products, and delicacies. It is a good opportunity specially for Ilocano traders  to introduce some of their products and a possible business to other locals.
Various events includes sports fest, raffle draws, and entertainment where different bands and celebrities performs every night.
But the most awaited and sought after event is the coronation of Ilocana beauties known as “Ms. Saniata”. Each municipalities has their own representative for the beauty pageant.  It is also a great opportunity for us Ilocano’s to recognize and appreciate fellow Iloco Surians who did great achievement in different fields here in our country and abroad.
Festivals are not just for fun and entertainment, it is also intended to educate other people especially the young ones on how the Ilocano treasure it’s values and traditions. Our beautiful places and our awesome hospitality and friendliness.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Me!!

“New beginning”

New ” if we heard this word it focuses only in one meaning and that is change,.. change for the better or if not maybe change for the worst it is our own choice.

All of us really celebrate New Year, but most of us didn’t know what the real essence of it is, and that is to change for the better to start our new year with positive change for our future. And for me, now that 2013 has ended and by means of sitting and focusing writing this essay I easily reflected my life last year. And I guess there are things that I needed to change in my personality for my own good and for the sake of others. New Year, new life and a new me, probably I guess the 1st words I said during the first and second day of 2014. I want change not only in my physical appearance but change also in my social and emotional aspect.

I know that some of us wrote their new year’s resolution, but for me as long as I live in my own goals in life I know that I can reach the change of life I want to achieve this year without writing my new year’s resolution in a paper. Not to mention that I want to be more productive. Time passionate and not to be very emotional this year because I knew now that this things made me become weak in achieving my dreams in life.
So know, I’m looking forward to what 2014 has in store for me.

Monday, January 6, 2014

my 3rd reflection

                      My 3rd Grading Reflection

How time flies! Our 3rd grading period  was about to end, and one grading period awaits on us. But after I leave this grading period, I am going to reflect first the events and memories happens his time.

During this 3rd grading period, I was given the chance to go and join the bench marking activity in Baguio city which probably my first time to go in that place. I never expected that to happen in my life, and also I had the chance to give my love and blessings to some children in Nagpanawan, San Vicente Ilocos Sur and it was totally good to share joy to some children. I also got new friends this grading period. There are lots of weird things happened in me this time. And guess what, it was my first time to experience being block with so many activities and outputs that I missed class because of my extracurricular activities so I needed to cope up specially the periodical test is approaching. I didn't almost sleep at night for me to finish my outputs and in this it was very awkward and stressful. Same as the other grading period again. I have shared many happy moments with my classmates and this grading period it was my first time also to be called as “extraordinary friend” by them and it was good to here that being special and care.

Though this grading period was about to end and  our last grading period is coming, e feel being blessed this time because I was given the a chance to experience lots of good and bad things which improves my true personality.   

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Real Essence of Christmas

“ Real Essence of Christmas

For me, Christmas day is not necessary the only day were we celebrate the birth of Christ; instead we must celebrate in everyday. it symbolizes new life and a new beginning for us to realize the things we have done during the past times. It’s been our tradition to display things related to Christmas specially when the month of December gets near, some of us display cute miniature of Santa Clause, making Bellens and parrols which signifies the spirit of Christmas.

But we must not forget the real essence of it, we must not only celebrate by spending our time to parties instead we must also pray at the same time. Sharing our love and blessings is also important.

Christmas should be the time were we give happiness and love to others. We must also realize how important Christmas is. During this day food and parties is not that very important  instead we must also live with the real essence of it.